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An analysis of the micro and macro environment of MS Free Essay Example, 1000 words

According to Valentin (2001), the conceptual model and framework behind the creation of the strategic tool can be categorized in terms of either internal or external factors or favorable and unfavorable factors whereby, the internal factors are strengths and weaknesses respectively while, the external factors comprise of threats and opportunities. Consequently, strengths and opportunities are favorable elements which underline a business while, weaknesses and threats can be classified as unfavorable (Valentin, 2001). 1. Strengths The strengths of Debenham’s are rooted in the company’s innovative styling in the minds of the UK customers which perceive the brand as the promoter of a specific lifestyle. Moreover, as noted by Kennedy (2003), in comparison with other multi-retailers, the supply chain and distribution networks of the company are extensive in terms of their national and international presence. As identified previously, the company boosts of more than 172 stores locally and also in several international locations. This consideration certifies that the company maintains an extensive network of employees. The continued persistence of the brand over a period of a century has established a positive customer perception in the minds of several market segments. We will write a custom essay sample on An analysis of the micro and macro environment of M&S or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now In terms of the clothing sector of Debenhams, the company’s primary competitor such as John Lewis has experienced a rise in sales which is alarming for the firm. 2. Weaknesses With the arrival of local and international clothing brands in the UK, a change in customer preferences and rapidly changing trends in fashion the clothing division of companies such as M&S has suffered the most (Lancaster and Reynolds, 2005). However, the issue with Debenhams with reference to this factor can be partly attributed to poor internal management which has contributed towards the production of lackluster designs which do not appeal to younger audiences in recent years as compared to previous years. Also, the company’s unique selling point of offering premium value on clothing is experiencing a declining and disregard by customers because they believe that the company is unable to meet expectations regarding trends, prices and quality. 3. Opportunities According to Mukherjee and Patel (2005) several UK based clothing retailers including Debenhams has the availability of a prospect where it can launch manufacturing bases in India and also penetrate within the Indian retailing market. This opportunity can be classified as being highly favorable for the company because several other international clothing brands such as Forever 21 are also benefitting from conducting their operations in developing countries where the demand for trendy and fashionable clothing is essentially spearheaded by a large youth-oriented population.

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Personal Statement On Experiential Exercise - 930 Words

After taking the â€Å"Apply Your Skills: Experiential Exercise† survey on page 29 of the Management textbook, I learned that my managerial skills scored the lowest in the technical skills category. Whether I am too subjective in my answers or I misunderstood some of the questions, I believe this is, in some part, an error. My technical skills have led me to excel in my jobs throughout the years. My next lowest score was in the human skills category. The textbook defines human skill as â€Å"the manager’s ability to work with and through other people and to work effectively as a group member.† (Daft, 2013) While I have always been able to relate to others in any work environment, I have always felt this to be my weakest attribute when it comes to management. I have always subscribed to the common enemy and or task mentality. Being new to management, I have always been side by side with others performing the work delegated by managers. Having a common goal and ene my makes it easy to relate to workers in trying to accomplish day to day tasks. The U.S. Navy takes a classical perspective to management in the sense that it establishes a clear hierarchy of rank and responsibility. Having cut my teeth in that environment, it is hard to have any other perspective than that. It was accepted that the guy in charge gave the orders, and that the people who were not in charge, followed. Military concepts do not always transfer over to the business world with the greatest of ease. There areShow MoreRelatedStanislavski- Method Acting and Its Importance985 Words   |  4 PagesStanislavski and ‘The Method’ â€Å"To become a successful actor one must erase personal experience and emotions and build their character from nothing.† – Lee Strasburg. Konstantin Sergeyevich Alexeyev was born in Moscow, Russia in 1863. He was first seen on stage at the age of seven and at the age of twenty-one he changed his stage name to Konstantin Stanislavski. He was founder of the first acting â€Å"system†, co-founder of the Moscow Theatre (1897), and a renowned practitioner of the naturalist schoolRead MoreThe Importance Of A New Piece Of Equipment Essay1559 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Work may contribute to an educational outcome, such as a qualification or Statement of Attainment; leading to a job outcome. Learning how to use a new piece of equipment; and/or a personal result, such as extending an individual’s self-esteem (Innovation and Business Skills Australia 2012, p. 2). There is a growing interest among educators, employers and community leaders in implementing work-based learning into schools as a means of enriching the academic curriculum with in-demand careerRead MoreEmotion-Focused Therapy: A Critical Approach2018 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"Emotions! Emotions! They’re our devotion!† would be the chant uttered by therapists who align themselves with emotion-focused therapy. Derived from both the humanistic and experiential traditions and relying upon the client-centered approach, emotion-focused therapy is a time-limited, process experiential psychotherapy that regards emotions as the primary vehicle of change (Watson, Goldman, Gr eenberg, 2011). The effectiveness of emotion-focused therapy has been demonstrated through randomizedRead MoreSelf-Help Group1036 Words   |  5 Pagesalso provides a clear structure, in that there is a self-determined behavioral routine that members follow, and can be critical when your life is literally turned upside down. In a sense it provides a mechanism to focus ones energy. In this experiential exercise, I decided to attend an Overeaters anonymous (OA) self-help group meeting, which is a fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating. Their primary purpose is to abstainRead MoreVBE Assessment Detail Updated 1 1265 Words   |  6 Pagessession, the VBE will translate this game play data into scaled, relevant financial statements for the virtual business you operate. You can access this information from the Enterprise App. and you should do so after each in-world session. These financial statements will form part of the financial plan section of your business plan so you should print them out and retain a copy. Please note that the financial statements for trading sessions 1-5 cannot be saved in the Enterprise App because the tradingRead MoreDoes Art Imitate Life Or Is The Reverse True?1202 Words   |  5 Pagesdiscover whether art imitates life or vice versa. An examination of psychological, artistic, and political aspects of the theory of art imitating life may not answer the question, however a thorough analysis will reveal the impact of Aristotle’s statement written over 2300 years ago. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ART IMITATING LIFE The idea of imitation originates with Aristotle’s Poetics. Aristotle expanded his concept of mimesis further in Physics, â€Å"Each step then in the series is for the sake of the next;Read MoreThe Hemispheres of the Brain: Differences in Traits and Learning1815 Words   |  7 Pagesvarying brain dominance. In brain-based learning environment, there is augmented awareness of brain dominance per student, what the brain dominance means with regard to personal interests, natural abilities, learning styles, and approaches to a problem or situation. Brain-based learning also supports the development and exercise of both hemispheres of the brain and does not prefer or favor one side of the brain over the other. Educators and education should approach each hemisphere of the brain asRead MoreA Typical Design : Summative Case Analysis1211 Words   |  5 Pagesother companies, practice sessions, and reflective exercises, and potential practice of skills to receive performance feedbac k (Gallos, 2006). Interpretation. These modules incorporate case studies to assist in the process of developing a strategy plan, vision, and suggestive ways to implement these visions in their future work. To solidify and apply this method, knowledgeable professors and experts in leadership taught experiential exercises, which were used to assist in the intra-interpersonalRead MoreQuestions On The Cognitive Distortion1476 Words   |  6 Pagesthe past week is â€Å"should statements† (Burns, 1980). All of a sudden, I have a lot of deadlines coming up very soon for my assistantship projects that I did not really know about before, so now it feels like every second matters if I want to have any chance of getting various projects done on time. Because of the sudden realization of deadlines, I have been feeling a lot of guilt about how I previously had not been capitalizing on every spare minute. The â€Å"should statements† I keep having are thingsRead MoreThe Response Of Intervention ( R ti ) Process Is A Multi Layered Tier Educational Model1069 Words   |  5 Pagesinstruction (Cakiroglu, 2015). In many schools, how students with learning disabilities are identified for RtI is quickly becoming a debatable topic of interest. The typical process used to determine RtI eligibility is extensive; teachers must exercise fidelity in keeping accurate student records, maintaining open communication with parents, providing intensive interventions, and giving constant feedback to administrators (Werts, Carpenter, Fewell, 2014). Each tier is designed to focus on

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Effects of Computer Gaming to the Students Essay Sample free essay sample

Many surveies indicate that violent computing machine games can hold really negative effects on kids. New surveies indicate that even the non-violent games may hold negative effects on a kid. Games can hold some positive consequences in assisting kids trade with emphasis and to larn hard school topics such as math and reading. These same positive games can do jobs for the kid in other ways. 1. Short Term Aggression * The General Aggression Model ( GAM ) . developed by Craig Anderson and Douglas Gentile. indicates that violent computing machine games can do short term aggression. The computing machine games can be more prone to exciting aggression than other amusement because of the synergistic nature of the computing machine games. Lack of Problem Solving * Violent computing machine games teach kids that jobs can be solved with small or no personal investing or by force. These games indicate that instead than speaking through and taking duty for jobs. hiting or other Acts of the Apostless of force can arouse right responses and do jobs travel off. Weight Addition * Computer games often do non necessitate any extra motions beyond the custodies. This coupled with a child’s inclination to eat and imbibe while playing computing machine games can ensue in weight addition. Weight addition has been linked to assorted diseases including diabetes. high blood force per unit area and bosom disease. Anti-Social Behaviors * A kid who is conditioned to play computing machine games may happen it hard to socialise with other kids. This anti-social behaviour can widen through maturity. doing it more hard for the grownup to react to colleagues in an effectual mode. This can besides negatively affect relationships and friendly relationships. doing a sense of solitariness. Read more: The Negative Effectss of Computer Bet oning on Students | eHow. com hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ehow. com/list_6466789_negative-effects-computer-gaming-students. ht milliliter # ixzz2LDpmUeZB Regular usage of computing machines can hold an consequence on pupil public presentation on standardised trials. harmonizing to a new survey by research workers at Boston College and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Analyzing trial public presentation and computing machine utilizations of 986 4th grade pupils from 55 schoolrooms in nine Massachusetts school territories. the survey found that the more regularly pupils use computing machines to compose documents for school. the better they performed on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Systems ( MCAS ) English/Language Humanistic disciplines exam. This positive consequence occurred despite the fact that pupils were non allowed to utilize computing machines for the trial. Conversely. the survey found that students’ recreational usage of computing machines to play games. research the Internet for merriment. or chat with friends at place had a negative consequence on students’ MCAS reading tonss. Similarly. students’ usage of computing machines to make PowerPoint presentations was besides negatively associated with MCAS composing tonss. This survey of students’ MCAS public presentation is portion of the â€Å"Use. Support and Effect of Instructional Technology† ( USEIT ) survey conducted by the Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative of the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Funded by the US Department of Education. USEIT is a three-year appraisal of educational engineering that occurred across 22 Massachusetts territories. The MCAS achievement constituent of USEIT is the most sophisticated analysis of the relationships between students’ computing machine usage and trial public presentation conducted to day of the month. Building on several defects of past research on this subject. this survey collected elaborate steps of a assortment of pupil utilizations of computing machines in and out of school. controlled for differences in place acquisition environments. detached effects of teachers’ instructional patterns. and controlled for differences in anterior accomplishment by utilizing 3rd grade MCAS tonss. In add-on to analysing the consequence of a assortment of utilizations of computing machines on students’ entire MCAS tonss. this survey besides examined the sub-scores provided by the MCAS trial. At a clip when standardised testing is playing an progressively of import function in determining the acquisition experiences of pupils and instructional patterns of instructors. the research workers believe this survey provides grounds that students’ computing machine usage does hold an impact on pupil accomplishment as measured by trials like MCAS. More significantly. they say. the survey demonstrates that different utilizations of computing machines have different effects on pupil acquisition. â€Å"Specifically. this survey finds that students’ usage of computing machines throughout the authorship procedure had a statistically important positive consequence on MCAS composing tonss. † said the study’s manager. Michael Russell of BC’s Lynch School of Education. â€Å"Using computing machines merely to type in concluding bill of exchanges of essays. nevertheless. had no consequence on students’ trial public presentation. These findings are consistent with past research and show the importance of leting pupils to utilize computing machines to bring forth unsmooth bill of exchanges. redact their documents. and to bring forth concluding bill of exchanges. † This survey besides indicates that utilizing computing machines for recreational intents had a negative consequence on trial public presentation. peculiarly for reading tonss. The writers speculate that this occurs because pupils who spend more clip utilizing computing machines for recreational intents at place may pass less clip reading at place. Similarly. the survey found that usage of computing machines in school to make presentations was negatively associated with composing trial tonss. Harmonizing to the research workers. this negative relationship may ensue from pupils passing less clip composing during category clip and more clip making and revising multimedia undertakings that contain comparatively little sums of written work. In kernel. clip exhausted making presentations may take away from clip available during category to develop students’ composing accomplishments. â€Å"These findings are of import for two grounds. † said Russell. â€Å"First. at a clip when schools are under increased force per unit area to raise trial tonss. yet are besides confronting budget deficits. this survey provides grounds that investings in computing machines can hold positive effects on pupil accomplishment. Second. it shows that instructors and pupils must be thoughtful about how computing machines are used and what types of larning they expect to impact. † â€Å"When analyzing the consequence of computing machine usage on pupil acquisition. it is of import to see how good a particular usage is aligned with the step of acquisition. † added the study’s lead writer. Laura O’Dwyer of the Graduate School of Education at UMass Lowell. once a research worker at Boston College. â€Å"While this survey found that usage of computing machines to make presentations was negatively associated with authorship tonss. it does non intend that pupils should non be making presentations with computing machines. Making presentations may be a positive acquisition experience. but such effects are non captured by a trial like MCAS that measures reading and composing accomplishments. † Adds BC research worker Damian Bebell. the study’s 3rd writer. â€Å"Although this survey finds some interesting effects of students’ usage of computing machines. instructors in this survey by and large did non utilize engineering to learn. As more and more schools. territories. and provinces provide instructors and pupils with their ain laptops. it will be interesting to see if instructors are able to utilize engineering more in the schoolroom and if these utilizations add to the effects of pupil engineering usage. † hypertext transfer protocol: //www. medicalnewstoday. com/releases/19387. php

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The Economical Benifits of Legalizing Marijuana free essay sample

The Economical Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana has created a hidden market in the United States which accounts for as much as 10% of the American economy, according to a study. Laws punish marijuana cultivation more strictly than murder in some states, but Americans spend more on illegal drugs than on cigarettes. The American economy has been suffering a downturn, while in the shadow economy of the underground world there are high levels of success, mimicking the prohibition period of alcohol, which fueled the illegal markets in the 20s and 30s. No aspect of farming has grown faster in the US over the past three decades than marijuana, with one-third of the public over the age of 12 having used the drug. It is estimated that marijuana is the nation’s largest cash crop, producing $25 billion in revenue. Keeping marijuana illegal looks expensive and is expensive. Did you know that one important reason it was outlawed was because it could be used to make hemp. We will write a custom essay sample on The Economical Benifits of Legalizing Marijuana or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Hemp is a plant that is a valuable natural resource which has agricultural and industrial uses. Hemp could of been used to make paper, so no more tree chopping. Paper is made from dead trees so a DuPont chemical must be used, but this chemical is not necessary when it is made from hemp. The DuPont Company put pressure on the politicians to outlaw hemp. Marijuana can also be used to make other products such clothing and rope. We can even make marijuana oil which can be used as a renewable fuel. What a powerful economy we could create through the marijuana industry if only, The United States would legalize it. The various levels of American government have in the past, and will spend in the future, billions of dollars on marijuana enforcement alone. The laws against the drug are strict, as there were 724,000 people arrested for marijuana offences in 2001 and about 50,000 went to prison for possession. Commercial growers can serve sentences far longer than those for murder, but the high risks have had little effect on production or availability. When surveyed, 89% of secondary school students indicated that they could easily obtain the drug. We could save our government tons of money in all levels of federal, state and local areas who participate in the â€Å"War on Drugs†, by not using our tax dollars to support the people we jail for using, growing, and selling marijuana. It is extremely expensive to pay for their food, housing, health care, attorney fees, court costs and other incurred expenses. Instead we could be collecting taxes on its revenues and have more money to pay for effective drug education programs and other important causes. The billions of dollars that go to waste fighting the war against an inevitable activity is much less detrimental to our society then the war itself. With careful regulation of the drug, it could be beneficial to our society, with minimal risks accompanying the use and more economic advantages. Some such advantages would be creating a workforce. Farm lands would be needed as well as the laborers needed to help grow and distribute the plant. Pharmaceutical companies would then distribute the plant to pharmacies like Rite Aid or Walgreens and these places are going to need an extra helping hand too. The needed expertise of Marijuana would then have its effects on Universities, Community Colleges, and Certificate Programs. They are going to call on the experts to help teach classes for our future pharmacists of tomorrow. This will increase enrollment which helps the local economy as well. Purchasing Marijuana and paying a proposed Marijuana Tax would mean having more money to pend on important problems, if only it were legal. Some of the most expensive weed is grown indoors on the west coast using advanced scientific techniques, but the American heartlands account for the largest volume of it. Some statistics suggest 3 million Americans grow marijuana for their own use or for a freinds, and between 100,000 and 200,000 are belie ved to be doing it for a living. We are also being invaded by Mexican drug cartels that are growing marijuana from Humboldt County to Keokuk, Iowa. and no state, or national forest, is exempt from the invasion. The cartels are so sophisticated and well- funded that they don’t just stop at growing massive amounts of pot outdoors, they have also been setting up indoor grows from coast to coast that produce massive amounts of the popular herb. They achieve this by purchasing houses and putting their Mexican nationals in them, posing as normal families and â€Å"blow-up† all the room with indoor grow systems that yield surprising amounts of the billion dollar drug. The government admits they cannot control or keep up with them. These cartels do not help grow our US economy. They only help the drug lords in Mexico get rich and live like kings and laugh as they use our American land, people and government. To bust one of their numerous grows, at the most means we can expect to jail some poor Mexican nationals to which we will then support with our tax dollars. The future only promises more massive crops and profits going to the cartels, and not in the pocket of the Untied States. Profit will never leave them and they will never leave, if the U. S. does not legalize pot which will make the price plummet and that will take away the cartels profits. The reason they do so well here, is because we have created an atmosphere they can thrive in. We jail some of their workers and then we support them in jail. We get nothing out of the deal, and people here who want to smoke pot will. , but our government doesn’t get the money, the drug dealers do. We need to redirect our focus on marijuana and decriminalize what a majority of Americans want. If we took back our national forests and neighborhoods and stopped the Mexican cartel’s economic invasion of our country, we would be not high on pot as much as we would be higher in economical status. Canada, our neighbor to the north, is slowly but surly moving toward the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is just months away from being decriminalized in Canada. This would mean the US government has two choices. Spend more money to fight the flood of marijuana that would be coming over the Canada US boarder or take the steps to decriminalize then legalize marijuana so the money saved from the war on drugs could be better used on our economy and not on this useless war on drugs. The medical benifit of marijuana includes good pain killing relief, reduction of pressure on the eyes for glaucoma sufferers, help with nausea in cancer patients from kemo therapy, and it helps restore an appitite in people who have lost weight from AIDS. The White House first declared the war on drugs 35years ago, and three hundred billion dollars up until now we have no victory but worse still, we have economic hardships up and coming fast on the rise. When will it be about time, to stop being so hypocritical because we all know alcohol and tobacco kill lots of people each year, but there is no evidence anyone ever died of a weed overdose. Legalization of marijuana would save law enforcement and the judicial system somewhere around 9 billion dollars a year off marijuana arrests. On harmful tax alone the government would raise between 2 and 6. billion dollars. If marijuana were legalized it would become the new cash crop in the USA,. If we brought in an estimated 2, 200-4,400 tons of marijuana to be grown commercially, the tobacco companies would have a serious competitor. Why should the international illegal drug business make as much as $400 billion in trade, which amounts to 8% of all international trade, while our economy weeps a nd our people pay for and smoke the weed anyway, no matter where it comes from. Let Hemp make the US huge amounts of money and help the environment too, if only.