Wednesday, November 27, 2019

La Madeleine Church Essays - Madeleine, La Madeleine, Paris, Church

La Madeleine Church La Madeleine is a church in Paris that started during the reign XV, and designed by Constant d'Ivry using plans based on the St-Louis-des-Invalide church. concerts are held here several times a week , usually in the evening. During the academic year, there are free Sunday afternoon concerts. La Madeleine also remains a place of worship. The construction of this curious church in the shape of Greek temple was decided in 1757. The old church had become well too small for the population which had increased a lot. How to get there? The district of the Madeleine is the downward direct one of The City Eveque, a small borough located out of the city and stronghold of eveque of Paris. The original church is located at the level of the beginning of the Malsherbes boulevard (on the level 8)

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