Sunday, February 23, 2020

Project and Change Management Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Project and Change Management Exam - Assignment Example In the Denver airport case, there were no alternative options that were initially considered. It was only after the failure of the automated baggage system when they started looking for other options. In terms of finances, expensive means of finance were used to raise the needed money for additional costs.2 2. In the ERP implementation at Bombardier Aerospace, insufficient planning, insufficient risk assessment, overestimated savings on new methods and switching tools in the middle of the project are some of the project classic mistakes that became evident. 3. The automated baggage system was a huge project, which required good estimations in terms of time and finances. To avoid poor estimation, the project should have been broken down into manageable phases.3 The classic mistake of insufficient risk assessment could have been avoided by engaging a risk officer who advises the company on risk measures and procedures. The risk of contractor failure could have been identified and mitigated. The project leaders should have involved and educated all the stakeholders and prevent conflicts and litigation against the organization. United Airlines, a major stakeholder, should have been involved at the start of the project so as to avoid future risks of litigation when the project is abandoned. 5. The project should have been re-assessed regularly to check if it is still valid. Most projects arise due to excitement and group enthusiasm which fades away as time goes by. Exit champions are the best in doing such re-assessments; they challenge the project based on realistic data. If new members were introduced to the Denver airport project, it would have been challenged and stopped much earlier. It ended up taking too long with no success at last because of involving the same people again and again.4 It is also suggested that control

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