Thursday, October 17, 2019

Describe one social work method and how you could use it in practice Essay

Describe one social work method and how you could use it in practice - Essay Example Social case work is identified as a form of ‘one to one relationship’ based on which social workers make efforts in terms of understanding the factors resulting to complications within human lives (Sajid, 2012; Schwartz & et. al., 1975; Richmond, 1922). In this context, to adopt social case work in practice, I would perform social case work with the assistance of social workers in the community. The practice of social case work would be based on certain procedure that include assessment, study, evaluation and application of appropriate procedures based on which social case work activities are to be conducted. Additionally, the practice of social case work should be conducted in accordance with guiding principles and standards that include ethical values and knowledge among others (National Association of Social Workers, 2013; Perlman, 1957; NCBI, n.d.). It can be comprehended that social case work acts as a comprehensive tool in terms of developing the overall situation of individuals having difficulties in aligning with surrounding environment both in terms of physical and social perspective. In this regard, the practice of social case work is required to be conducted on the basis of certain procedure, so that care and treatment is offered appropriately. LinkedIn Corporation, 2014. Social Case Work. Celebrating the Dignity & Worth of Every Individual. [Online] Available at: [Accessed September 22, 2014]. Social Care Institute for Excellence, 2014. End of Life - Ideas for Practice: Case Study the Importance of Social Work Support. Home. [Online] Available at: [Accessed September 22,

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